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The New GOP February 7, 2009

Posted by neoavatara in Politics.
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We are already seeing the modernization of the Republican Party by Michael Steele, the new Chairperson of the party.  First, above you see the response to Obama’s use of youtube.  This, along with Steele’s frequent visits to talk shows, puts a face on to the Republican Party.  This was sorely needed af the Mike ‘Who am I’ Duncan was running the party; when is the last time anyone saw him on TV?

Steele is starting to clean house.  He fired most of the GOP administrative workers, to fill them with his people.  Regrettable, but needed to be done.  And Steele is going directly after the Democrats publically, and where it hurts.  So far, he has avoided really going hard against the President, instead attacking the weak underbelly of the Democratic Party, Congress.  And rightfully so, as the general public supports Obama, but is gradually getting more disgusted with Congress.



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