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So, just to give you some info on me…

…I am a thirty something radiologist, living in the midwest.  I am married with one child.  I consider myself a political moderate, though I heavily vote Republican.  I think I am more a pragmatist that an idealogue, but certainly I can sometimes be idealistic.

So some have asked where the name ‘Neoavatara’ comes from.  Well, it is amalgam of sorts.  ‘Neo’ is from Sanksrit and Latin for ‘New’.  ‘Avatara‘ (or Avatar) is Sanskrit for rebirth.   So together, Neoavatara generally means ‘a new rebirth’ or  ‘next reincarnation’, depending on how you want to take the meaning.

This blog is my first foray into explaining my thoughts and beliefs to the wider world.



1. Dalai - November 17, 2008

Most impressive. I do appreciate the link to my blog!

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